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Not all projects can be completed with off-the-shelf components, so integrators still have a massive role within UK automation!

At WMH Robotics, we not only recommend integrators for Turnkey projects, but we can provide product support both pre and post-sale to ensure you deploy quickly and within the customer's budget.


Check out how we can support integrators here:

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New for 2023:

UR Tend is our complete machine tending application for CNC machines.  With unrivalled lead times and price-point, UR-Tend really does cover all your bases.

Now Includes our optional UR-Safe package with UKCA Mark

UR-Palletisng is an extension of our already successful palletising solution - Evolving it into a full package for manufacturers to solve their manufacturing headaches.

Now Includes our optional UR-Safe package with UKCA Mark


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  • Dedicated pre-sales application support
  • Dedicated post-sale technical support
  • Training on Robot & Tooling
  • Largest UK Cobot Showroom
  • Application lab to prove concepts
  • Best service, Best quality, Best results

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