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Enabling low cost, flexible and short lead time Cobot automation by combining ‘off the shelf' components, training and hands-on application support.

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More cost-effective
than you think

Cobotic solutions from WMH Robotics don’t just improve the efficiency of your workforce, they can be set-up & programmed for literally 100’s of applications. Saving you time & money with flexible purchasing options.

By taking ownership of the solution and using 'off the shelf' products, cobot solutions can be the cost-effective solution to your manufacturing challenges.

  • Flexible Deployment for faster ROI
  • Easy to Programme & Reprogramme
  • Collaborative and safe
  • Easy to Set-up and use

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On Robot

Saving Time / Reducing Risk / Increasing Project ROI

Support for
The Integrators

WMH Robotics assist integrators accross the UK with an easier path to profit, by supplying off the shelf products backed up with training and technical support.

And because we’re part of WMH Transmissions we’ve got a huge resources behind us to support you with more than just Cobot solutions!

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Why WMH?

  • Dedicated pre-sales application support
  • Dedicated post-sale technical support
  • Training on Robot & Tooling
  • Largest UK Cobot Showroom
  • Application lab to prove concepts
  • Best service, Best quality, Best results

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