Off-the-shelf accessories can be added to an application to give it the final touches it needs.

Whether you need a gripper modification, cable management, or pendant protection, we have got you covered!

Stands, Posts & Trolleys

We offer various deployment options for your cobot and provide guidance on bolt-on applications.

At WMH, we can create anything from standard stands, posts, and custom trolleys to frameworks using Bosch Extrusion.

Feel free to discuss your options with us.

Tray Out - Accessories

Pendant Covers & Screen Protectors

Protect your investment with purpose-made pendant covers and screen protectors. This helps reduce downtime by protecting the pendant from light bumps, knocks and drops, just like you would with your mobile phone.


We currently have pendant covers and screen protectors in stock.
Drim Cover
IGUS Cable Chain

Cable Management

WMH Robotics have teamed up with IGUS UK to offer their wide range of cable management systems, known as ‘dress kits’ with all of our Cobots.

When running cables at the tool flange, a dedicated channel is required to prevent damage to the cables. This ensures that the robot can move without causing any harm to the cables, resulting in a clean installation.

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