WMH Cobot Applications

There are endless possibilities with collaborative robot applications – here is an overview of just some of the most common deployments:

By combining smart tooling and easy-to-programme robots, we can not only solve most applications but we provide a flexible and cost-effective automation solution to help manufacturers grow!


Ready to Deploy, Turnkey Solutions:

Other Solutions from WMH Robotics:

Our vision is to simplify robotic deployment by offering a wide range of products that not only seamlessly integrate but also provide out-of-the-box solutions for real-world applications. Collaborative Robotics (Cobots) is a fast-growing market, mainly driven by its user-friendly nature and the magnitude of applications that can be solved without needing bespoke designs or manufacturing. By eliminating this component, we can reduce lead times, lower costs and provide a flexible easy-to-programme automation solution to tackle manufacturers' challenges.

To assist manufacturers in starting their automation journey, we have made significant investments in creating a dedicated showroom and application lab. This allows you to experience a "try before you buy" approach, so you can be confident that the solution will seamlessly integrate into your existing processes. Contact us today to schedule your visit and explore the possibilities first-hand!

WMH Transmission and WMH Robotics are both affiliated with the DEXIS group. This partnership allows us to leverage the products and services offered by our sister companies in the UK, enabling us to provide a one-stop shop for all manufacturers' requirements.

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