About Us: WMH Robotics

WMH Robotics is a dedicated division of WMH Transmissions Ltd., which has over 38 years of experience in movement and automation. We are dedicated to becoming a leading supplier of robotics and standard solutions to manufacturers and integrators alike.

Simplifying Robotic Deployment

Our vision is dedicated to simplifying robotic deployment by offering a diverse product range that not only seamlessly integrates but effectively addresses real-world applications from the get-go.

Collaborative robotics is a fast-growing market, mainly driven by the ease of use and the number of applications that can be solved without the requirement of bespoke design and manufacture. By removing this component, we can reduce the lead time, reduce the costs and provide a flexible, easy-to-program automation solution to tackle manufacturers' challenges.

To assist manufacturers in initiating their automation journey, we have made significant investments in creating a dedicated showroom and application lab. This allows you to experience a "try before you buy" approach, ensuring confidence that the solution will seamlessly integrate into your existing processes. Contact us today to schedule your visit and explore the possibilities first-hand!

WMH Transmission and WMH Robotics are both affiliated with the DEXIS group. This partnership allows us to leverage the products and services offered by our sister companies in the UK, enabling us to provide a one-stop shop for all manufacturers' requirements.


WMH Robotics
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Centurion Park,
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