Self-Deploy UR Welding Solution

SmoothTool is an easy-to-use cobot welding package that helps your welding robot deliver the perfect result – by learning from you.


With intuitive software, we enable self-deployment to unlock never seen before lead times and price points. Making automation affordable!

Hands-on Demo available at WMH Robotics

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Make your first SmoothTool weld in less than 30 minutes

  • User-friendly interface – no-code programming
  • Works with your preferred power source
  • Achieve the perfect weld first time
  • Quick and easy installation​

Unique Benefits of SmoothTool

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    Offset welding:   Copy and offset items in X, Y, Z direction or hand-guide the robot to your preferred offset position​ to ensure the best weld every time​

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    Stitch welding:   Control your stitch weld with parameters, e.g., retraction, weld length, air speed, number of welds​

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    3D Viewer:   Check if your welding path needs correcting before pressing start​.  Zoom into different segments of the welding path for a closer look

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    Linear and circular weaving:   Works on CB and e-series.  Set and adjust the amplitude, frequency and dwell time for the best result. Can also be combined with stitch welding

What's in the Box

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    Installation Guide

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    Licence USB Key

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    Software USB key (URCap and user manual)

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    Programming Flange

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Use your preferred power source

We are compatible with every welding power source brand. No matter what you’re running, you can use SmoothTool with your existing power source by choosing from our integration options for manual and robotic welding power sources.

Power Source Examples

Visit WMH to try for yourself!

Come join us a WMH Robotics to get your hands on Smooth Tool and the Universal Robot to see in person how simple and easy deployment is!   Bring your components with you for a trial and learn the flexibility in person.


Acsessories to simplify your deployment

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    Pendant Protective Cover

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    Custom Vention Framework

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    Up to 4 additional Axis

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    On-Site, On-Application Training


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