Box Erecting just got by WMH Robotics...

  • Is box erecting causing a bottleneck in your operations? 
  • Are you fed up with papercuts and RSI injuries?
  • Do you need a small footprint and a flexible system?


WMH Robotics, combined with our automation partner Vention, is now offering a turnkey box erecting system for the UK market!

Our box erector helps remove additional labour demands from end-of-line production with the same ease of use as for your cobot palletiser. Combining speed and simplicity, these box erectors can be tailored to match your exact production needs. Featuring extra-large magazines, Vention's solution allows you to form enough boxes for 2 pallets without refilling.


  • Small Footprint - Allows systems to be retrofitted without the expense or hassle of re-locating machines

  • Flexible Deployment - Area Scanners provide a mobile safety zone

  • Short lead times - With systems typically being delivered in 5-7 weeks, you can scale to demand quickly.

  • No Breaks - Robotic systems don't take a break, have a holiday or even call in sick. They are your dependent workforce!

  • Low Cost - Using off-the-shelf components, we create proven systems with the market-leading components

New for 2023 - Introducing our optional UR-Safe package which includes an additional level of safety (3x Area Scanners) and a UKCA Certificate of Incorporation.  See attached brochure for more information


  • Up to 5 boxes per minute with UR safe package

  • 1.5 boxes per minute in protective mode (somebody in the safe area)

  • Easily change between multiple box sizes

  • Maximum box size: 400x400x300mm

  • Minimum box size: 250x250x120mm

  • Box magazine: Up to 200 boxes

  • Auto-detection of: Deformed boxes, low tape stock, and low magazine stock

  • Other box sizes available upon request



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