Collaborative Robots for Education

Revolutionising Education: Empowering Minds with Cobots!

Incorporating collaborative robots, or cobots, into educational settings has ushered in a transformative era of hands-on learning. These adaptable machines offer an array of benefits that enrich students' educational experiences, cultivating a profound understanding of robotics, automation, and programming.

With their user-friendly interfaces and emphasis on safety, cobots break down barriers, ensuring accessibility for learners of all backgrounds. By fostering critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork, these robots prepare students for the demands of a rapidly advancing technological landscape. Moreover, their real-world relevance and interdisciplinary applications position cobots as invaluable tools in equipping the next generation of innovators and problem solvers for the challenges of tomorrow.


Did you know?

In September 2021, the adoption of collaborative robots (cobots) in the education sector in the UK was rapidly increasing. At that time, it was estimated that over 50% of British universities and technical institutions had integrated cobots into their educational programmes. This statistic highlights the growing recognition of the importance of robotics and automation education in preparing students for future careers.

Collaborative Robots

As a direct Universal Robots distributor, WMH Robotics can provide you with our full range of Universal Robots and accessories, all with a pre-set educational discount included!

Typically in educational settings, we supply either the UR3e or UR5e robot due to their compact nature.

Universalrobots Cobots Ur20

Educational Workbench

*New for 2024

WMH Robotics is proud to offer our new Educational Workstation!
Produced in your choice of colour, the Educational Workstation provides a professional, durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for teaching robotics. With LED indicators, a dedicated electrical cabinet and kitted with a choice of robots and equipment!

The image shown includes a UR5e and the additional Educational package from Universal Robots!

*Custom design available on request


Educational kit - Hardware

UR have released a new Educational hardware kit to accompany their robots and streamline the implementation of educational stations.


The Kit includes:


  • Educational Conveyor Belt
  • I/O simulation Module
  • Training stand for training boards
  • Training boards x 6
  • Training pick and place components
  • Dual TCP Simulator
  • Single TCP Simulator
  • Sensors
OnRobot OG
OnRobot Products 2021

End of Arm Tooling

A Robot without a tool is like a hand without an arm...


We are the UK's largest supplier of OnRobot end-of-arm tooling and there is a reason why. OnRobot have designed an ecosystem of tooling which is intuitive to use, extremely versatile and comes with an in-built quick-change system.


The Quick-Change system allows educational institutions to switch between tools seamlessly and cover a broader range of applications in a much shorter period.

Free Educational Kit

Every educational robot purchased from WMH Robotics (In collaboration with UR) will receive a free educational kit that includes handy software licences and 3D print files to get you started.

Education Kit
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To ensure the teachers of collaborative robotics are fully capable and are comfortable with the technology we have introduced a new training plan which covers all bases:

UR Academy at WMH Robotics

After the 2-day course in Tamworth, you will have a hands-on experience with a UR robot. You will have programmed the robot several times to perform common tasks, including the operation of common peripherals (conveyors, sensors, grippers). You will be able to optimise a pick-and-place flow, perform palletisation, understand safety concepts, and know the additional resources available to them both online and through other training courses. You will be ready to return to your robot and create pick-and-place, palletisation, and other common application programs on your own.

Train the Trainer - Educational Training

Taking place at the UR Academy in Sheffield, this is a core two-day certification course to become a certified UR Lecturer. The course focuses on how to pass on your expertise by providing training materials and showing you how to get the most out of your hardware.


On-Site, On-Application Training & Support

At WMH Robotics, we understand that sometimes you need a little more support on a specific application or module.

That's why our team of robotic engineers is available on a daily rate, allowing us to provide support to you when and where you need it - at your facility and for your specific application!

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