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Are you ready to automate?

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30 Month Robot Warranty as standard

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Highly Flexible


Small Footprint


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Small Footprint

With an extremely small footprint compared with traditional industrial robot palletisers, you will not waste valuable floor space.  This also means our systems can be easily retrofitted onto existing production lines.

The system can be seamlessly integrated into your current conveyor system providing that there is minimal back pressure. The retrofitting process then involves incorporating a fixed guide, sensor mounting and an end-stop.

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Palletising Software

Palletising software is what makes the robot incredibly easy to operate. It is compatible with most hardware on the market, so our customers can choose the solution that fits their current (and future) needs.

The PALLY software makes life easier for your operators and ensures you get the best possible palletising solution.

Here are the 3 components of our palletising software:

  • Offline pallet generation - Create your palletising pattern on a browser and upload it to the robot via USB. This means no programming or robot alterations are required once the initial setup is completed.
  • Simulate - Check your pattern, and throughput and check for any issues in the cloud. This can all be done without any robot downtime.
  • Operator panel - This allows the robot operator to run the palletiser without requiring robotics experience. The GUI allows the operator to select the pattern and start the program on a new pallet or partial pallet by entering the box count. This provides a streamlined graphic experience for all users.
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Rach And Size

A Market Leading Robot

The UR20 doesn't just provide us with a 20kg payload, it boasts an impressive 1750mm reach, a sleek new design, and an IP rating of IP65!


As a Direct UR Distributor, you will receive the best support & training.


  • 20Kg Payload
  • 1750mm Reach
  • IP65
  • 35,000 Hours Maintenance free
  • 30 Month Warranty as standard

Piab: A No-Fuss Gripper

The CPT (Combined Proximity Tool) is a compact solution for palletising boxed-in products using Cobots. Its multi-zone gripper surface enables irregular and multiple picks in one move.

In addition to its lightweight design, there is reduced wear and tear, significantly increasing the robot's lifetime.

Furthermore, the CPT (Combined Proximity Tool) combines the functionalities of multiple End-of-Arm Tools (EOATs) into a single unit, resulting in substantial cost savings of up to 80% on tool costs. Additionally, this solution eliminates the need to allocate engineering resources towards hiring and training new employees, allowing valuable time to be invested in other projects.

*Multi-picking can increase throughput dramatically

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Safety as a Standard

Our optional UR-SAFE package comes with the choice of a 3-sided guard or 3 off-area scanners to provide a second level of safety to your system. The package allows you to be sure that your system is safe while working in your environment.


Highly Flexible: Area Scanners

Our Area Scanner Safety option is perfect for a fast deployment. Utilising SICK safety laser scanners, we monitor the area around the palletiser, automatically reducing speed and stopping immediately when an operator enters the area.


Fixed Position: 3-Sided Guard

3-sided guards take longer to deploy and are generally not as mobile. However this proven method is perfect in high-traffic areas.

Ready To See if UR-Palletising is For You?

To successfully and quickly validate your application, here is the information we require for each product:


  • Box dimensions (L x W x H)(mm)
  • Box Weight
  • Pallet dimensions
  • Pallet configuration
  • Slip sheet information & samples


To ensure a successful project, we like to simulate all products to be run on the line as well as some live trials on our UR20 palletiser. Usually in this instance, we will pick the most challenging product to ensure your project will be a success from the start.

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