WMH Robotics offer a unique machine tending solution by combining off the shelf components to give you advanced systems for a fraction of the cost!

By enabling self-deployment we dramatically reduce cost (by up to 60%) and reduce lead times meaning you spend more time producing!

Cobot Machine tending stands alone in the market as its own unique solution. It provides manufacturers with a small footprint, flexible, short lead time and cost-effective tending solutions:

Benefits of URTEND:

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    Work by using off the shelf components and custom frameworks

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    Low Cost & Short Lead-Times

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    Meaning ROI is typically under 12 months

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    Small footprint - No Guarding - Flexible Deployment (multi machines)

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    CNC signal integration is possible for 80% of machines

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    Full on-site training is provided to get you producing quickly! 

Typical ROI:

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    With Systems often costing between £35-£70,000 We expect to see payback on a single shift of under 12 months.

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    Running lights out can often half this time, taking possible ROI's to under 6 months....


48 weeks per year x 3 years = 144 weeks

Working 80 hours per week = 11,520 Hours over 3 years

£45,000 / 11,520 Hours = £5.20 Per hour

UK Minimum wage 2023 - £10.42

Without including - sickness, training, breaks, efficiency etc.


Get in touch to discuss your Machine Tending requirement:

    Typical Cell Specifications

    • Part Weight
      • 0-10kg per part - Single Pick
      • 0-5Kg per part - Dual Pick
    • Robot Reach
      • 13000mm Reach available
    • Gripping technology
      • 2 & 3 Finger grippers
      • Vacuum Grippers
      • Magnetic grippers
      • Dual-Grippers
    • Machine integration
      • Out-of-the-box deployment for most machine tools
    Run Machine Tending Operations Lights Out 1

    FlexxCNC™: UR to CNC Communication Interface

    Part 1 - Connect your cobot and machine to the FlexxCNC™ middleware

    FlexxCNC How It Works Part 1

    Part 2 -Wire to your peripherals

    • Dedicated & labeled I/O
    • Wiring kits & instructions to all peripherals
    FlexxCNC How It Works Part 2

    Part 3 -Build your program

    • Upload the executable/configure server connection
    • Build your program in polyscope using Flexx programming nodes
    FlexxCNC How It Works Part 3

    Machine Tending Cell Examples:

    Machine Tending Cell Videos:

    machine tending UR
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    How can we help?

      3 Key tips for machine tending applications:

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        Keep your deployment as simple as possible.

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        Build in flexible tooling from day one.

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        Get your staff on-board with the deployment.

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