Finance Options

Preserve your cash flow while acquiring and managing your business’s robotic equipment with flexible financing solutions from our partner DLL.

Customisable payment solutions help businesses control their costs while optimising the usage of capital assets and expenditures.

Benefits of Asset Finance

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    Experience lower costs - We effectively eliminate the middleman and the associated costs.

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    Enjoy payment flexibility - Pay less in the beginning and pay more near the end of the term, pay more during peak season or delay payments to meet potential budgeting constraints.

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    Conserve business capital - By leasing, you can keep your cash and credit lines intact for important business initiatives — expansion, headcount and improvements.

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    Simplify equipment upgrades - Return equipment assets and replace them with newer, more efficient models, while continuing with one manageable monthly payment.

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    Finance Options Available

    Operating Lease

    Equipment users have access to the latest versions of equipment, without the hassle of ownership. By simply paying a fixed amount per month for usage, the equipment user gets the flexibility of being free to extend, purchase the equipment for a fair market price, return, or upgrade it, at the end of the term.

    Hire Purchase

    Equipment users put down an initial deposit and then make monthly payments for a fixed period, at the end of which they automatically become the legal owner of the equipment.

    Finance Lease

    A finance lease has similar characteristics to a hire purchase agreement, as the usual outcome is that the equipment user will become the owner of the asset at the end of the term. There may be tax benefits for the user to lease equipment rather than purchase it, and this may be the motivation to obtain a finance lease.

    Finance Examples Per Robot Model

    Robot Operating Lease Hire Purchase* Finance Lease
    UR3e£358.46 + Vat P/M£337.05 P/M£373.23 + Vat P/M
    UR5e£423.80+ Vat P/M£398.48 P/M£441.26 + Vat P/M
    UR10e£556.23 + Vat P/M£523.00 P/M£579.15 + Vat P/M
    UR16e£610.97 + Vat P/M£574.47 P/M£636.15 + Vat P/M

    All examples are based on a period of 60 months

    *Hire Purchase requires 10% deposit and VAT paid upfront

    Finance Options: Complete System Example

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    Finance options are available on full systems and accessories too. This example looks at a complete machine tending cell.

    Operating Lease

    £860.81 + Vat P/M

    Finance Lease

    £896.28 + VAT P/M

    Hire Purchase

    £809.39 P/M (includes a 10% deposit)

    Full Costing

    £49,000 (Prices EX VAT.)

    All prices based on 60 months