Technical Support

Pre and post-sale support is critical to any successful deployment.

At WMH Robotics, we understand the significance of this support, which is why we offer dedicated technical sales professionals and highly qualified robotic engineers to assist you throughout the entire process - from initial inquiry to addressing any technical issues that may arise.

Pre-sales Support

In this process we really get to know your operation, your requirements and even your knowledge and experience with deploying Universal Robots.

This is where we can advise, ensuring you are self-sufficient in deploying the application, or if we have to provide some training on certain parts of the system.

We can also assist you with ensuring that the tooling or products we suggest are user-friendly or advanced components that require more training.

This way we can make sure that the deployment is right for you, and ultimately successful.

Deployment Support

Deploying the robot can sometimes be daunting if you have never experienced it before, however we are always on hand to provide expert advise if required.

Our team of Robotic engineers has many years of robotics applications under their belts and no problem is too big to solve.

When you purchase a robot and/or accessories from WMH Robotics, we will provide you with our technical contact information and endeavour to help resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Free Online Training

Universal robots offers a FREE online training academy, which allows individuals to gain valuable knowledge and skills in robotics, even before investing in a robot.

The training modules range from beginner right the way through to advanced going from how to start the robot right the way through to advanced tasks like Force control and palletizing routines.

The training modules cover a wide range of topics, starting from the basics and progressing to advanced concepts such as force control and palletising routines.

Training Courses

WMH Robotics provides a unique training experience that sets it apart from others in the industry. Our training courses are specifically customised to align with your specific deployment and application requirements.

This includes not only the robot itself but also the accompanying accessories. By tailoring the training to your application, WMH Robotics ensures that you receive targeted instruction that is relevant to your specific needs.

The training covers a wide range of topics, starting from setup and programming and extending to optimising programs and tooling to maximise the return on your investment.

This approach ensures that your valuable time is spent learning exactly what you need to know, leading to a more successful deployment.

Universal Robots Academy Wide - Technical Support

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