WMHR - Sub £50,000 Palletizing solution

At WMH Robotics we believe that a simple solution is a robust solution. So we have partnered with some of the largest suppliers in the industry to create a flexible, fully capable and quick ROI palletizing solution.


By utilizing ‘off-the-shelf’ components we have removed the requirement for any labour hours, therefore you only pay for the goods you are purchasing.


With an expert training package, you gain the freedom to modify, re-deploy or even tweak your system at any time without the requirement or cost of bringing in costly robot engineers.


Palletizing remains one of the most popular applications for Universal Robots’ collaborative robots due to ergonomics and performance. The ‘cobots’ are perfectly suited to these tasks due to their flexibility, ease of use and attractive total installed cost. They also address concerns around worker health and safety by taking over the laborious and repetitive aspects of the palletizing process.


Meet the Solution:

Universal Robots - UR10e

The UR10e is an extraordinarily versatile collaborative industrial robot, delivering both high payload (12.5 kg) lift and long reach (1300mm) which makes it well suited for a wide range of applications in machine tending, palletizing, and packaging.

PALLY - Offline Programming Software

Pally is a palletizing URcap designed to be smooth, flexible and quick to install. Automate your palletizing with our software. It handles changes in productions with ease and requires no downtime.

Rocketfarm specializes in software development for Universal Robots. We are UR+ certified and recommended by UR.

Lift Kit - Extedning Vertical Range

We include a lift kit with all our palletizer solutions. The lift kit provides you flexibility and range required to complete the job.


  • A compact solution means we can maintain a small footprint.

  • No open guides or mechanisms allow for safe operation

  • Robust and proven solution by a top manufacturer

  • Full UR Cap & Integration with Pally Pro software


Lift Kit Copy

EOAT - End of Arm Tooling

Gripping technology is the biggest unknown in a palletizing project. We need to work with you to understand your product and work backwards from there to ensure the right solution.


With over 800 ‘off the shelf’ products to choose from, all of which ‘plug & play’ we still maintain the element of simplified deployment.


In combination with our suppliers, we can specify the right end-effector for your product/s.

The Specifications

The Specifications

Included as Standard


Footprint & Dimensions


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