How Onrobot’s New Knurled Fingertip Set Could Be Perfect for Your Application

Onrobot’s new knurled fingertip set is a perfect addition to the fantastic capabilities of the 3FG15 gripper, by offering increased friction to deal with heavier payloads. In this blog post, we will explore three reasons why the new fingertip set from Onrobot could transform your operations and improve the safety of your processes.

  1. Enhanced Friction Control: The coarse surface on the knurled fingertip provides increased friction. This tactility is especially important in applications involving oily substances. It should be noted that the knurled fingertip can leave gripping marks on the work surface.
  2. Increased Payload Capability: A higher payload capacity can lead to a substantial increase in production output as the Cobot can handle larger loads. This can mean that materials can be handled in both larger quantities and less movement is required to move the same load.
  3. Ideal Capability for CNC Machinery: CNC Machines often perform tasks such as milling, boring, cutting and drilling, which involve oily substances and lubricants. The increased grip of the knurled design is ideal for these applications where oil or cutting fluids are applied to workpieces.

With its advanced tactility and increased grip, the knurled fingertip set is ideal for those looking to maximise their production output. With seamless integration with the existing Onrobot 3FG15 3-stroke finger gripper, this new fingertip set offers a customisable solution for machine-tending applications to ensure increased precision in placement and capability in dealing with dull, dirty and dangerous operations.

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