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Vention, the cloud-based manufacturing automation platform (MAP), today announced the addition of WMH Robotics (a division of Dexis Europe) to its Certified System Integrator network. WMH will market, sell, and facilitate the deployment of Vention’s manufacturing automation equipment to the UK manufacturing sector. WMH and Vention kicked off their partnership early November at the Robotics and Automation trade fair in Coventry, UK.

Vention’s MAP enables clients in the UK to adopt cloud-first automation that is both flexible and accessible to enterprises of any scale. With the addition of WMH Robotics to the Certified System Integrator network, Vention can tailor its delivery strategy to UK preferences. WMH Robotics is positioned to serve the UK’s industrial heartland from its headquarters in greater Birmingham.

With onshoring initiatives gaining momentum in the UK, the automation sector is ripe for growth. WMH’s extensive cobot (collaborative robot) offerings respond directly to labor shortages and constrained international supply lines. Vention’s robotic, automation and industrial framing solutions allow for a “LEGO-style” development experience with the convenience of an e-commerce platform. In addition to online offerings, local service is critical in the UK; Vention’s partnership with WMH Robotics will enable a hybrid go-to-market strategy.

“Vention is thrilled to partner with WMH Robotics to better serve our UK clients,” said Peter Martinez, head of Vention’s certified system integrator channel. “The ability to offer Vention solutions and automation peripherals to WMH’s established customer base and complement their cobot offerings truly provides a win-win for both principal, integrator, and end-user.” Plus, he continued, “Combining forces between a UK-based channel partner and Vention’s direct staff in Berlin will ensure a world-class experience for our UK clients.” .

“WMH Robotics is proud to be a Certified System Integrator for Vention in the UK. By working closely with Vention and using its manufacturing automation platform (MAP), we’ve taken our cobot and automation offerings to a higher level,” said Richard Mawson, divisional manager at WMH Robotics. “Through quick and customised design, Vention has enabled us to solve more collaborative applications with shorter lead times. We’re looking forward to growing together and increasing deployment in all potential UK markets!”

About Vention:
Used in over 2,000 factories across five continents, Vention helps some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers automate their production floors in just a few days. Its online-first manufacturing automation platform lets clients design, automate, order and deploy automated equipment directly from their web browsers. Vention’s European headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany. To learn more, visit

Peter Martinez, Head of CSI Channel,